Group rates Summer 2024

Group rates are granted for groups of 10 persons or more, on condition that an advance booking has been made.
Rates in CHF incl. VAT

Excursion tickets (ascent and descent)

Tickets for groups Adults (from 25 years) Abonnement Child (6-24 years)
Chäserrugg Ticket 43.40 21.70 21.70
Chäserrugg Ticket starting from Iltios 35.– 17.50 17.50
Churfirsten Ticket 20.30 10.15 10.15
Klangweg Ticket 30.40 20.20 20.20

Chäserrugg Ticket

Ascent and descent from Unterwasser or Alt St. Johann to Chäserrugg and back to one of the two valley stations. The start and end points can be chosen flexibly and do not have to be the same.

Chäserrugg Ticket from Iltios

Ascent and descent from the middle station on the Iltios to the Chäserrugg. Ticket is only valid for the Iltios - Chäserrugg cable car.

Churfirsten Ticket

Valid for one ascent and one descent on the sections Unterwasser – Iltios and Alt St. Johann – Sellamatt.

Klangweg Ticket

One return ticket, for example Alt St. Johann – Sellamatt and Iltios – Unterwasser or Oberdorf – Wildhaus. Plus a post bus ride between Wildhaus Dusi and Alt St. Johann Starkenbach. The ticket also includes a contribution for the maintenance of the trail, which goes to the Klangwelt Toggenburg. 


One-way tickets (ascent or descent)

Tickets for groups Adults (from 25 years) Half-fare ticket/General Abonnement Child (6–24 years)
Unterwasser – Iltios – Chäserrugg 33.60 16.80 16.80
Unterwasser– Iltios 15.40 7.70 7.70
Iltios – Chäserrugg 23.10 11.55 11.55
Alt St. Johann – Alp Sellamatt 15.40 7.70 7.70

The one-way tickets can be used for the ascent or descent on the purchased route.

We would be pleased to make you a personal offer for your ski day in the Chäserrugg area.

We would be pleased to make you a personal offer for your sledging trip to the Chäserrugg area.


Ticket collection

The tickets must be collected by one person at the agreed ticket office. Payment can be made directly on site or by bank transfer, provided that this was previously agreed.

Age requirements in the group rate

For the group rate for the one-way tickets and hiking tickets, persons aged 6 – 24 are regarded as children. Adults are defined as persons over 25 years of age. For ski- and sledging tickets apply the same age categories as for the regular rate.

Are you in a group with fewer than 10 members? Click here to find tickets for individual guests.