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Here are some important points of information about ski instruction. Please observe these points, so that nothing stands in the way of you having an unforgettable experience on the snow.

Encourage but do not overwhelm - we aim to ensure children enjoy snow sports and develop into technically elegant skiers. 

Beginners between 3 and 4 years old first attend the Snowgarden. Getting to know skis and snow as well as walking and climbing are the goals in this level. 

Kids Village
Children 5 years or older first attend the Kids Village. At this level the aim is for them to become familiar with skiing and snow as well as walking and climbing.

Blue Prince/Princess
Kids who have already successfully attended the Kids Village can become a blue prince / princess. Here they learn to brake and turn using the snowplough method.

Blue King/Queen
Children who can already brake themselves and have mastered the first changes in direction in the snowplough ski in this group. The learning plan at this level includes performing tricks while traversing, side slipping and making snowplough turns. The children leave the Kids Village for the first time and learn how to use the ski and pony lifts.

Blue Star
Children who can already travel on the ski lift but mainly still ski by snowploughing fit into the Blue Star group. Here they practice skiing backwards, over waves and dips and negotiate various obstacle courses.

Red Prince
Children who can ski over flat terrain in the parallel ski position and have skied down their first red pistes learn the waltz, parallel braking and parallel turns on red pistes in this group.

Red King/Queen
In this group children who can ski on red pistes in the parallel ski position learn how to jump over kickers, make short turns on easy pistes and parallel turns of various radii. An individual’s coordination skills have a large influence on their learning speed. The moves are challenging and learners may often attend this group for several seasons before they progress to the next group.

Red Star
Children who have a solid technical base are introduced to the versatility of ski sports in this group. The learning plan includes various courses, skiing switch, one-leg turns and short turns with pole plants. Every child can progress at a pace to suit their individual learning speed without taking the fun out of the practice sessions.

Black Prince
Elegant skiers who are ready to work on technical details and have the courage to tackle new challenges such as off-piste skiing, snow park tricks or carved turns are perfect to move up into this group. The Black League student skis throughout the whole resort and feels at ease in any terrain and in all snow conditions.

Snow Academy
First experiences with LVS equipment, mogul pistes, race training, freestyle jumps and unique events can be collected in this group. The adolescents in the Snow Academy start out every day on new adventures and learn from our most qualified ski instructors everything that can be done on a pair of skis.

Have your equipment checked by your ski equipment dealer at the beginning of the season before first use. They will prepare your skis and check the bindings. Children need ski poles only after they have reached Blue Star level. Ski boots must fit perfectly. Therefore it is worthwhile renting ski boots from your ski equipment dealer, so that you can replace them at any time if their shoe size changes or the boots develop pressure points. Make sure that you dry the boots after each use and store them in a warm room. This will ensure that the ski boots fit your child well next day and their feet are warm during lessons. We recommend all children to wear a helmet. The helmet must fit well and should be worn in combination with suitable ski goggles.

We would be pleased to advise you in the sports shop on the Iltios.

Have your child wear only one pair of ski socks to avoid pressure points. Thermal long johns and ski pants with powder cuffs have no place inside the ski boots . Make sure that your child’s kidney area is well covered and kept warm, and that it does not become exposed to the cold air after the first movement involving their stomach or back. Keep an eye on the latest weather situation and temperatures. Do not let your child sweat too much leading up to the start of the lesson. Write your child’s name on outdoor clothing so that any lost items are easy to find again.

Any items you forget to bring can be bought or hired at the Iltios sports shop.

Protect your child’s face every day with sunscreen. Sunscreen should also be applied when the sun is not directly visible, because snow reflects light strongly. For the same reason, it is important to wear suitable ski goggles or sunglasses that fit the helmet so that the eyes and part of the face are protected and warmed.

Accompany your child only to the assembly square and then hand them over to the ski instructor. As soon as your child puts on a Ski School vest, they are under the supervision of our instructors. Your child will be able to concentrate better during the lesson if you are not in sight. The ski instructor and the Ski School office has your mobile telephone number. If it is necessary, the instructor or the office will contact you by telephone. We request you pick up your child punctually from the assembly square. Any child not picked up must stay with us. If your child is allowed to make their own way home, you must inform the ski office and instructor.

All children who use the lifts and similar infrastructure with the Ski School need a valid ski pass. On the beginners’ course in the Kids Village, the use of the Ski School’s practice lift (magic carpet and pony lifts) is included in the price of the lesson.

Children under 6 years who leave the Kids Village with the Ski School and use the cable car company’s lifts need one of the following tickets. These are available in the Ski School office:

Children from 6 years who ski only in the Kids Village (Iltios), is the Beginner Ticket the most suitable one. In the lessons teached in the Kids Village in Alt St. Johann is the practice lift already included.

Children from 6 years who ski outside the Kids Village require a valid lift pass. 

Remember to swap the ski pass onto the new jacket if you change jackets. If you have any questions please contact us directly so that we can find a suitable solution for you.

We will be happy to advise you if you have any further questions.

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