Chäserrugg/Toggenburg is the Landscape of the Year 2021

The Swiss Landscape Conservation Foundation has selected the Chäserrugg/Toggenburg tourism infrastructure landscape as "Landscape of the Year 2021" and singled out Toggenburg Bergbahnen AG as a pioneer of architectural culture and charm in mountain tourism. The prize honours soft tourism and a sustainable approach towards the landscape. A landscape that is worth exploring – again and again.

Toggenburg Bergbahnen AG wins Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation Award

The Swiss Landscape Conservation Foundation has been awarding the "Landscape of the Year” title since 2011. It not only honours outstanding cultural landscapes per se, but also explicitly underlines the community commitment and the concrete achievements of the local people.

The fact that the Chäserrugg/Toggenburg tourism infrastructure landscape has been awarded the title of "Landscape of the Year 2021" is confirmation that the approach taken in the area is right and also important. All the helping hands and clever minds that work in our tourism region deserve a resounding “thank you” for all their hard work and commitment. This has not only made it possible for the region to win the award, but above all has ensured the high recreational quality that visitors experience in the Chäserrugg/Toggenburg region – day after day.

Award-winning landscape – for good reasons

Nature and landscape

Tourism and nature do not have to be mutually exclusive – on the contrary. The tourism infrastructure in the Chäserrugg/Toggenburg region has a beneficial relationship with the landscape. The impressive mountain world is distinguished by its beauty, expanse and unspoilt character and is an incomparable and challenging basis for work. The renewed infrastructure does not aim to romanticise the landscape. The goal is rather to emphasise the quality of the region for tourism by selective interventions – with a sustainable approach towards the landscape.

Building culture and architecture

An essential aspect of the infrastructure renewal, which has been ongoing since 2015, is the collaboration with architects Herzog & de Meuron. Five buildings were created with Herzog & de Meuron. The valley and mountain stations of the Espel-Stöfeli-Chäserrugg gondola lift are based on the shape and colour of the surrounding sheds. The middle station is reminiscent of a protective gallery. The Espel Pavilion was designed to reflect the forms of the neighbouring barns. The summit building at 2,262 m above sea level also echoes the language of the local architecture and has already won several architectural awards.

Customs and traditions

Tourism in the Chäserrugg region does not focus on maximising footfall, but on creating a relaxing experience in nature while skiing, sledging or hiking in summer and winter. This considerate form of tourism enables the preservation of natural values, customs and traditions and also reinforces the regional identity. The Chäserrugg is a great destination in all seasons – for individual guests, families and groups who want to combine relaxation and sport but also for friends of building culture and modern architecture as well as art and culture enthusiasts.

Enjoyment and gastronomy

The attentiveness paid to ensuring that the summit restaurant and the other buildings blend into the landscape is continued on a culinary level. The choice gastronomy focuses on authentic enjoyment and local specialities. In the summit restaurant with panoramic views of six countries, visitors can enjoy culinary highlights made mainly with local products. Visitors to the Iltios mountain restaurant, the Stöfeli mountain inn and in the Espel Pavillon can also look forward to new interpretations of regional specialities and enjoy the hearty Toggenburg hospitality.

Impressions of the Landscape of the Year 2021