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Thanks to the Best Time Ticket, guests who book early are now also benefiting in the Chäserrugg area. Hotel room or holiday flat already booked? Or have you planned your skiing day well in advance? In that case, select the ski or sledging ticket right now in the online shop and secure your price advantage.

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The best time is now!

The ski and sledging tickets are now part of an innovative tariff system, the Best Time Ticket, and can already be booked from now on. With the Best Time Ticket, the price evolves, which is among other aspects influenced by the following three factors:

Purchase date

The earlier you book the ticket online, the better the price.


As demand for a date increases, so does the ticket price.

chosen date

The ticket price depends on the selected day of the week as well as holidays and festive days.

Questions & Answers about the Best Time Ticket


Day and multi-day pass

The day and multi-day passes are valid in the entire Chäserrugg area during the official opening hours. The multi-day pass is a ticket for several consecutive days. Not included in the day and multi-day passes are extra rides for events such as the Full Moon Dinner or night skiing.

4h Card

The 4h Card is valid for four hours in the whole area starting with the first entry. It is also valid for one descent with the funicular (Iltios-Unterwasser) or the combined lift (Alp Sellamatt-Alt St. Johann) after the four hours. This ticket replaces the morning and afternoon tickets and allows you to decide for yourself when your four hours on the Chäserrugg begin.

Beginner Ticket

The Beginner Ticket is valid on the funicular Unterwasser-Iltios, on the practice lift and for the Kids' Village on the Iltios. Therefore, the ticket is ideal for newcomers and returning skiers, as a blue piste runs directly next to the practice lift (piste Iltios No. 5) and there is a blue downhill run (pistes Iltios-Espel No. 11 & Schwendi-Unterwasser No. 12) into the valley to Unterwasser. If you don't yet feel fit for the descent, the funicular will take you back to Unterwasser.

Ski pass Alt St. Johann

The Alt St. Johann ski pass is valid for one day on the Alt St. Johann-Sellamatt-Ruestel axis. Night skiing is not included in the Alt St. Johann ski pass.

Sledging tickets

Sledging Day pass Iltios

The sledging day pass Iltios is valid for the mountain rides with the funicular Unterwasser-Iltios.

Sledging Day pass Stöfeli

This sledging day pass Stöfeli includes both the funicular (Unterwasser-Iltios) and the ride on the Stöfeli cable car to the middle station (Espel-Stöfeli).


The following age categories apply to ski and sledging tickets:

  • Child: 6 - 15 years
  • Youth: 16 - 19 years
  • Adults: 20 years and older

Children under 6 are free when accompanied by a ticket-owning adult.

In the online shop

In the online shop, a calendar overview is displayed for both ski tickets and sledging tickets. By selecting the ticket type (4h ticket, day or multi-day ticket, beginner ticket or ski pass Alt St. Johann), the ticket prices appear directly in the calendar, assigned to the days.

At the ticket shop

Next to the ticket shop are blackboards on which the current prices for the day are written.

The aim of the Best Time Ticket is to achieve a more balanced utilisation of capacity, which will lead to more space on the cableways and the slopes. A visit in the off-season will be more attractive for guests thanks to the new tariff system. This improves the quality of the skiing or sledging experience throughout the winter.

In case of an official closure or conditions that do not allow skiing, the ticket price will be credited to your customer account.. You can find out more about this in the General Terms and Conditions and in the tariff regulations.

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