Alpine procession to the Sellamatt Alp

In the early morning hours, farming families and alpine dairymen accompany the animals to the fresh and lush meadows of the largest alp in eastern Switzerland. Discover living traditions in Obertoggenburg.

In their traditional costumes, farming families celebrate the start of the alpine season at the foot of the Churfirsten, just as their grandfathers did. The "Öberefahre" is characterised by melodious bell sounds and cheerful "Johlen und Juchsen". As a spectator, you will enjoy the unique chance to catch a glimpse of authentic alpine culture, to share the joy of alpine life and to experience hundred-year-old traditions.

How to get there

From 04.30 in the morning, the gondola chairlift in Alt St. Johann is in operation and takes guests to the mountain station Sellamatt. After a 15-minute walk from the top station of the lift, you reach the level of the alp.

After the alpine procession, you can extend your excursion with a hike to the Chäserrugg. Either hike sportily on “Umweg, der sich lohnt” (Worthwhile Detour) via Hinterrugg to Chäserrugg or take a more leisurely route via Stöfeli and the ridge to the summit at 2,262 m above sea level.


DateJune 2024 (the exact date will follow)
Ascentfrom 04.30 (am) in Alt St. Johann
Arrival of the alpine dairymen on Alp Sellamattfrom around 05.30 till. 07.30 Uhr
Additional excursion ideaThe excursion can be supplemented by a hike to the Chäserrugg after the alpine procession


Churfirsten Ticket
Berg- und Talfahrt auf der unteren Sektion

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