Bankette, Feiern

Banquets & Parties


The Chaeserrugg summit building is the ideal location for company parties, family parties, banquets and celebrations of all kinds. Enjoy unforgettable moments in a uniquely designed architectural structure that perfectly complements its pristine mountain setting.

Seating Arrangements
We offer the right set-up for a wide variety of events and group sizes. You have full control over the seating and can choose the arrangements to match your event – we’ll be happy to advise you about the various possibilities. Get in touch for a viewing!

Events Across All Rooms
For larger events, we can utilise different combinations of rooms. The Alp Room could be used for dinner, while the spacious hall could serve as a bar or a dancefloor.


Local Specialities
Our food is characterised by local specialities. We offer a special selection of banquet menus. Naturally, we will be happy to accommodate your individual menu requests and to advise you about seasonal delicacies. It goes without saying that we use as many regionally sourced products as possible.

We Understand Your Needs
Our employees are passionate about the fine art of gastronomy and provide a personal and professional service. This means you can always rely on us to help your event go smoothly.