Information on the safety measures

Due to the latest measures taken by the federal government and the canton of St. Gallen, we have adapted our protective measures to the latest guidelines issued by the FOPH. We also appeal to the personal responsibility of our guests to respect the distances, especially in the waiting areas.

In order that our guests can fully enjoy the wonderful nature in the Chäserrugg area, we will take all the necessary precautions in accordance with the protection concept of our industry.

Compulsory masks

In all interior rooms, waiting areas and on all facilities, persons aged 12 years and older must wear masks. We ask guests to bring their personal protective masks. Further protective masks can be purchased at the valley station.


Adjustments to the timetable

The departure intervals and the speed will be increased if necessary. This shortens the time our passengers stay in the lift to approx. 6 to 8 minutes. This also prevents queues forming in the waiting room. The lifts always run continuously, which keeps waiting times to a minimum.


Queueing at the lifts

The waiting rooms are designed in such a way that it is possible to observe the required distance. Whenever possible, passengers wait outside. However, if it is no longer possible to observe the minimum distance, the mask regulations described above apply.


Limitation of the maximum number of persons per cabin

The maximum number of persons is limited to 50 persons per cabin. The control is performed at the access system. This gives the guests considerably increased space in the cabin and in the compartments. 


Disinfection and hand hygiene

There is the possibility to disinfect hands at various locations. It is also possible to wash your hands with soap in all toilets in the area. The cabins, railings and handrails are regularly disinfected by our staff.


Specifications for the gastronomy sector

The GastroSuisse specifications are complied with in all restaurants. Masks are compulsory for people aged 12 and over in all areas, except when people are seated at the table. A maximum of 4 people may sit at each table, except for parents with children. Our staff will take up the contact details via contact form.